Monday, January 20, 2014

Critters for a Cause: A foxy friend for Helen

Good morning!  I just finished the first donation incentive custom Critter for my good friend, Helen!  Helen is a bit crazy for foxes, so I wasn't surprised at all when that was what she requested. :)

Isn't it cute?? I was just going to leave it at that...

...with the cute little belly button and sleepy face...

...I'm a little obsessed with making sleepy faces on my critters now.   But then, Ang decided that the fox is in fact a girl.  Since I have been teaching myself to crochet, naturally I decided to try to figure out how to make her a dress!

Since our Russian Blue kitty, Raisin, is one of Helen's favorite kitties, I figured doing the dress in shades of blue and grey would be a safe bet! Miss Raisin seconded that theory.

So, the now official lady fox has a pretty new dress...

 ...and more importantly, the coveted "Raisin Seal of approval."

"I'm Raisin, and I approve this message!"
 She has passed inspection by all three kitties, and is ready to ship!  Now, normally I would wait until the intended owner has possession of the critter to post pictures, but since Helen lives in Germany, we wanted to make sure that these pictures go up in time to motivate people to donate to my St. Baldrick's Page.  So, Helen gave me the go ahead to put these up here!

Just in case you missed it, about a week ago,  I put up an incentive to donate...the first 3 people to contribute $25 or more to my personal St Baldrick's page get a free Custom Critter!  So far only two people have taken me up on that offer, so there is still one critter left!  If you are interested in contributing to Cancer Research, and getting a cute custom critter of your own design as a bonus, click the button below, and donate $25 or more to my page.  Then, just shoot me an email and let me know what you want!

Please, Consider donating to my fundraiser page.  The money goes to a great cause, and you get a fuzzy friend to boot!

Interested in ordering a custom Craftasaurus critter? Shoot me an email!

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