Friday, January 17, 2014

A brief blurb about St. Baldrick's...

Happy Friday!

For those of you who are unaware, I am one of 4 regular hosts on a podcast called Nerd Effect. It is basically just a weekly nerd-out with three of my good buddies, where we delve into our geeky obsessions and rant about them for a couple of hours. (if you are planning on listening to it, be warned, the language gets a bit fowl...and there are an abundance of distasteful jokes...we earn our explicit tag)

One of my fellow cohosts' wives announced a month or so ago that she was going to be participating in the local St Baldrick's Foundation shave event this year.  This peaked our interest, and we decided to form a Nerd Effect St Baldrick's team to participate ourselves.  We have set a team goal of $1,000 and each of us are shooting to raise $250.

Basically, we raise money through generous donations made by people like you, and that money goes to help fund Children's Cancer research.  Then, on March 8th, all of us get up on stage and have our heads shaved.  It is a great event, and we are really excited to be participating in it.

So far we have raised $151 of our $1,000 goal, and that puts us at 15% of the way there.

In an effort to rally up more donations, I have put forth a challenge:
The first 3 people to donate $25 or more to my personal St Baldrick's fundraiser page (click the image below) gets a free custom Craftasaurus Rex Critter for a Cause!
So far 2 people have stepped up to the challenge, but there is still one critter left!

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures of the critters I have made in the past, but if you click on the "Critters" link at the top of the page, you will see the 2 most recent ones.  I will also be adding the Critters for a Cause once they are finished, so stay tuned.

Please, Consider donating to my fundraiser page.  The money goes to a great cause, and you get a fuzzy friend to boot!

Interested in ordering a custom Craftasaurus critter? Shoot me an email!

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