Friday, October 11, 2013

Nerd logo and social media packet

This is a set of graphics I've been working on for my buddies over at the Nerdeffect podcast.  They got the full gamut including a new logo, itunes cover art, website banner, facebook, twitter, and google + coverpages, and profile pics.

website banner

 Rather than post them all here, I'll just ask that you click the banner below, and check them out in action!  The podcast is definitely for Mature Audiences, be warned, but they are pretty funny dudes, and friends of mine.  So, if you like nerdy things, and don't mind swearing, check them out!
I am going to start including links to all of the websites that I have done graphics for, to make it easier to check them out in context. keep an eye out in the right hand column of the site for updates!

Working on these logos has inspired me to update my own personal logo.  I like my Craftasaur1.0, and he works great for the sewing/knitting side of what I do, but just doesn't look clean enough to accurately represent the type of graphics I produce.  I'm sure you've noticed Craftasaur2.0 up on the top banner.  What do you think of him?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Interested in hiring me to do some design work for you? Shoot me an email!

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